Take our quiz to find out:

  1. Do you frequently pay bills after their due date?

  2. Are you regularly bouncing cheques?

  3. Do you use one credit card to pay the minimum amount due on another card?

  4. Are you receiving calls from collection agencies?

  5. Are you regularly asking friends or family members for loans?

  6. Have your utilities been cut off (e.g. telephone, hydro, cable)?

  7. Have you cut back on regular budget expenses (e.g. clothing, recreation) and/or necessities (e.g. food)?

  8. Are you considering taking a second job in order to help pay bills?

  9. Are you continuously going over your credit card spending limit?

  10. Are you use credit cards as a necessity rather than convenience?

  11. Have wages have been garnished to pay for an outstanding debt?

  12. Are you only able to pay interest, not reducing your total debt over a number of months?

How Many “Yes” Answers Did You Give?


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