Gas Prices Are Soaring High! How To Save Money On Gas

As of 2014, Canadians were paying an average of 130.3 cents per litre of gas, according to (a price aggregating website). While gas prices have eased down a bit in recent months, it’s still a very good idea to think about ways to conserve gas.

Following are 5 practical ways to achieve this end:

Find Several People and Start Carpooling

People don’t realize this but the easiest way gas (and money) can be saved is by carpooling. Not everyone likes to carpool, but parents with school-going kids think this concept is the best since sliced bread!

With gas prices not seeing a downturn reprieve anytime soon, more and more people are warming to the idea of carpooling—but how to go about this?

The best way to incorporate this not so new idea into your daily commuting is to find several other people who go the same way (or just about) as you do every day. A typical carpool party can include about four to five people, although this depends on the type of vehicles being driven.

Conduct All Important Tasks in the Same Car Trip

Most of us remember the day’s tasks in bits and pieces, which is why we are always on the run to conduct those tasks at odd intervals. For instance, you may remember to pick up your dry-cleaning only after returning from the hour long grocery trip.

Looking from a daily point of view, doing so won’t amount to too much. Add up the wastage (over the course of the year) however and you will be shocked.

This is why it’s important to conduct all necessary tasks at the same time. Make a list of tasks that need to be completed in the period of one week. Choose a day when you will have time and try to do all task, at once.

Invest Money and Time for Regular Car Tune-ups

As far as this is concerned, regular tune-ups will get you really far in saving money on gas. It makes sense, especially when car owners know the many benefits that are enjoyed if the vehicle is kept in peak condition.

Additionally, try to find a cash-only gas station. While paying by card is convenient, gas stations that only accept cash offer low prices simply because they don’t have to pay credit card merchant fees.

Turn Off Air Conditioning in Your Car or Turn It On Only In Really Bad Weather

Doing this won’t be an issue if you are serious about saving gas. Yes, turning off air-conditioning especially during summers will be challenging. Turning on the air-conditioning on really hot days, or if you are traveling for a longer distance. Doing so will save a lot of gas and money in the long run.

It’s important to incorporate practical advice, whether attempting to save money on gas, monthly grocery or even trying to get out of debt. Yes, you can declare bankruptcy but it wouldn’t teach you how to get out of debt, unless help of a debt repayment plan isn’t taken. Speak to your local credit counsellor at EmpireOne today and find the many ways you can still get out of debt.

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