The Art of Choosing the Right Credit Counsellor

The Art of Choosing the Right Credit Counsellor

It’s a good thing for someone to have your back in today’s debt ridden world, in the form of credit and debt counseling services. In fact; having the right credit counseling service or professional is very important as that will ensure your finances (both past and present) are in perfect order, so how to choose a legitimate and competent credit counsellor that truly looks out for your best interests? Below are some tips that will help you to find the right credit counsellor;

How to Choose a Credit Counsellor

The search for the right candidate will take time but in the correct direction and aimed with the right questions, it won’t be long until your credit and debt is being managed by the right credit counsellor for you. Start your search and conduct the following when a good enough candidate is spotted.

Make Use of Online Tools

If the agency or credit counsellor you’re viewing to hire for your debt consolidation is good, chances are high that someone in your social network may have used the service, hence all you have to do is ask for their recommendation. In addition to this; you can also take help with the locator offered by the Credit Counseling Canada, which is a non-profit organization that aims to bring credit agencies to people.

Most credit counseling agencies are non-profits but they will still charge you a little bit for services offered. The first thing is to let go and find another agency through the tool featured, if a chosen agency lays high pressure and wants you to move quickly ahead with a debt repayment plan before considering other options. (Note: the right counsellor will always provide options other than that of debt management plans as well.)

Are They Asking You To Sign A Contract?

While; a debt repayment plan does require a contract to be signed, the provisions stipulated in any such contract are entirely voluntary for consumers. Generally speaking; a good counsellor won’t put force when it comes to signing any document that financially obligates you. If provided, the contract will specify the monthly payment, what is going to each creditor, fees (if any) and the expected plan duration, i.e. for how long is the plan going to work for.

If you choose to sign the contract stipulating the complete details but require some time to think over it, the counsellor in question shouldn’t rush and even allow consumers to have a second opinion. In fact; any credit counseling agency that provides quick credit solutions, without any prior assessment should be avoided.

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