4 Shopping Mistakes to Avoid On Boxing Day

4 Shopping Mistakes to Avoid On Boxing Day

Nothing beats scoring a great deal. With Boxing Day sales just two weeks away, the desire to hit the road (on the internet) as soon as possible can be hard to resist. According to studies, it’s predicted that 53% of Canadians will shop on Boxing Day. While shopping on Boxing Day means that you’ll inevitably get a good deal on purchases, this doesn’t prevent shoppers from making poor decisions.

Here are some tips on avoiding shopping mistakes on Boxing Day:

1. Don’t lose sight of your priorities

One thing personal shoppers stress is to “shop with intention.” That means have a plan in place before heading out on a shopping expedition: what do you need and how much are you willing to spend?

2. Don’t shop exclusively online

It may be convenient, but it’s also a little harder to keep track of your spending when all you have to do is type a credit card number into an online form.

3. Don’t spend to save

Never calculate the savings you’ll make when buying an item that’s on sale. Unless it’s something you really need or want, buying something just because it’s discounted doesn’t save you any money because you’re still spending to buy it.

4. Don’t get caught up in the deal

It’s easy to be swayed by an attractive deal, but staying focused is the key to preventing over spending.

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