4 Options To Avoid Bankruptcy

4 Options To Avoid Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy should be a last resort, to be used only if all other options won’t work for you. How can you avoid bankruptcy? Here are four options:

  1. Debt consolidation. This is an option if you have good credit, or if you have a friend or family member is willing to co-sign a debt consolidation loan. If you have equity in your house, you could get a second mortgage and use the loan to repay your higher interest rate credit cards; to reduce the interest you are paying.

  2. Debt settlement. If your debts are old, a debt settlement may be an option. In a debt settlement you offer to pay less than the full amount owing to your creditors. If the debts are already a year or more old, they may be willing to accept less than the full amount owing. A debt settlement is most successful if you can offer the settlement as a lump sum of money.

  3. Debt management plan. A credit counsellor will contact your creditors and work out a plan where you repay the debts in full, but generally at a reduced or zero interest rate. A debt management plan works well if you can afford to repay your debts in full, but need a break on the interest.

  4. Consumer proposal. If you can’t afford to repay your debts in full, a consumer proposal is another option. In a In a consumer proposal your consumer proposal administrator negotiates a payment plan where you pay back a portion of your debts, generally between one third and one half of what you owe. This allows you to get relief from your debts, but avoid bankruptcy

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