About EmpireOne Credit Solutions

EmpireOne Credit Solutions Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated debt solutions company. We provide solutions to individuals, families, and businesses experiencing credit issues. We believe in clients first.

For each smile we bring  to our clients, we open the door to positive energy, enhances your future and gives meaning to our work.

How we can help

Re-establish your credit

Learn about ways to re-establish your credit regardless of if you filed a consumer proposal or bankruptcy.

Consumer Proposal

A consumer proposal immediately stops all collection proceedings and legal action by your creditors.

Fresh Start

Bankruptcy clears all unsecured debt within 9 to 21 months and gives an individual a fairly easy “fresh start.”

Quality Service is to be expected at EmpireOne.
Our clients can rest assured that EmpireOne is here to help, knowing that you will be 100% satisfied.

With our experienced and qualified counsellors you can be confident that we can help.

EmpireOne: One-Stop Solution For All Your Credit & Debt Counselling Needs
With more and more people filing for bankruptcy, it is evident that a general lack of awareness prevails among the public over comprehensive debt solutions. We at EmpireOne, with our expert counsellors, provide credit debt help to our clients and help them save thousands of dollars that could be lost as a result of declaring bankruptcy.